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Welcome to our Risk Management Blog
Dear Reader,
My name is George Lekatis. I am the general manager of Compliance LLC, a US firm providing risk and compliance training and executive coaching
in 36 countries.

Most of the time I travel around the world, leading classes in the States, around the Caribbean, in most EU countries, in the Gulf and the Pacific
I have worked for more than 15 years as a management consultant and educator, and I also spend some time as an expert witness, investigating and testifying in the areas of risk and compliance management standards, policies, procedures, best practices, due care and due diligence.
What I really like is ...
... linking the disciplines of finance, mathematics, law, information technology and wealth management.
I also like to study in nice places around the world, to write, to speak, to help people find their way in life, to explore opportunities and to learn from other peoples' experience.
This blog is about my personal journey with Risk Management, that I want to share with you.
I want to share with you challenges and opportunities, news, alerts, ideas and career opportunities in risk and compliance management. This blog contains an arsenal of practical advice and ideas gleaned from my long career in risk management, executive coaching and consulting.

The Importance of Certificates

I am a mathematician and I have good legal studies... is it good enough?

the more certificates, the better. Not only university degrees. Professional certificates are very important.

I love an interesting part of my duties. I am litigation consultant and expert witness in some really interesting cases. I love the challenge, the investigation, the fever.

What is really important in this job?
Credibility. Attorneys spend 80% of the time to humiliate you, and if it is not possible, they spend the remaining 20% of the time to listen to what you have to say.

Of course,
you can not be a full time expert witness, there is no credibility in the court of law. So I lead classes in 36 countries, and consult banks, governments, monetary authorities etc. This is really important for the court of law.

legal approach to screening expert witnesses has undergone significant change over the past two decades.

Technology law decisions are often based on the performance of technologists, who are often ill prepared to step into the roles that the legal system defines for them. Sometimes,
one detail not adequately explained by one of the testifying experts makes all the difference in the decision.

As a
Consulting Expert, I investigate the case, explain technology to the legal team and advice on strategy.

Technologists are often very bad expert witnesses. They hardly bear the legal process.

A technical expert witness must be a good teacher and a good speaker. He / she must have a likable personality (sorry programmers!). He / she must understand (and must turn) the court’s concerns: Oh, how boring… Is this expert really an expert?...

I want to discuss my risk management training and certification addiction.

My certificates include
60 Microsoft certificates (from November 1998 to July 2000), 3 Checkpoint certificates, the CISSP, 3 Internet Security Systems Certificates,  etc.

Yes, these certificates played an important role in my life. I have credibility when I form an expert opinion about Microsoft systems used in banking and listed companies.

George Lekatis Microsoft certificates 1

George Lekatis Microsoft certificates 2

George Lekatis Microsoft certificates 3
George Lekatis Microsoft Certificates 4
George Lekatis Microsoft Certificates 5
George Lekatis Microsoft Certificates 6
George Lekatis Checkpoint Certificate 1 
George Lekatis Checkpoint Certificate 2
George Lekatis Checkpoint Certificate 3
CISSP George Lekatis
George Lekatis Internet Security Systems Certificate 1
George Lekatis Internet Security Systems Certificate 2
George Lekatis Internet Security Systems Certificate 3
George Lekatis Steganography Certificate

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